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Rich Edmondson

I am a Creative Consultant, who aspires to bring your brand into the metaverse. I will be on hand to support your development and growth through to implementation.


In this revolutionary new Web3 world, digital and physical boundaries are blurring and organizations are redefining commerce, capitalism, and what it means to be a human in the 21st century.


I’ve been in digital marketing for over 15 years, across many different industries. Now I’m applying my marketing and creative skills to the test in the crypto world and metaverse. 


I am an artist, creator, collector, and admirer of all things Web3. As an NFT artist, I’m known as the NFTSommelier. My brain operates like a Ferrari Engine, with Bicycle Brakes.


Let me lead your brand to greatness.

Deeply involved in NFTs and Web3
Dedicated to helping you
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