I am a Creative Consultant aspiring to help bring Brands into the metaverse




I can support you in developing your NFT or metaverse project from the ground up, or help you to take your established offering to market in a more dynamic way.


The metaverse

I can support you in developing your metaverse concept into an established Web3 world for the masses.


Web3 Brand Onboarding

I can support you in bringing your brand into the Web3 space. Creating a way for you to evolve your brand’s personality and grow your following.

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Preparing your business for the future of Web3 NFTs The Blockchain The metaverse .

Rich is an extremely likeable individual who is passionate and vastly knowledgeable in future technologies such as Web3 and the metaverse.
Steven Ellis
Founder & CEO
Dec 2021
A forward-thinking and innovative professional with advanced knowledge in developing brand strategies, incorporating SEO techniques, and maximizing brand exposure.
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Corpo position #1
Before 2021
A natural leader, who directs teams of marketing professionals and aligns clients for growth through in-depth expertise in determining current marketing temperature, consumer trends, and lucrative timing.
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Corpo position #2
Before 2021
An engaging communicator who is able to converse with cross-functional staff, external partners, and media outlets to achieve optimized coverage and broaden the reach of campaigns.
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Corpo position #3
Before 2021
Skilled in assessing campaign performances, evaluating measurable data, increasing website traffic, and building a loyal following with a consistent social media presence.
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Before 2021

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Coin Bureau
The Coin Bureau is your go-to informational portal to the Cryptocurrency galaxy. Read more about "How Web 3 Will Change Our World."
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The Defiant
Delivering journalism with authority; objective, data-backed, primary-source, reported pieces, written by insiders who can also provide informed analysis on the latest moves.

The following may just be buzz words to you now, but throughout our journey, these words will become your guide.

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